ValuCare's Security & Screening

Safety is our Foremost Priority

In order to ensure the security and safety of our clients. Valucare conducts a background check of our aides/companions with a private investigative company, before being placed with a client.

When we send in an Home Health Aide/Companion to our client's home, it is with the understanding that they are entrusted to be qualified, competent, reliable and trustworthy.

Our Comprehensive Screening Process
We check our Companions and Aides through the following:

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Federal Criminal Records


Employment Verification


Department of Motor Vehicle Records


County Criminal Records


Social Security Verification


National Criminal Records


Personal References

And best of all You ALWAYS have the opportunity to meet and interview your aide/companion prior to starting services. Only with YOUR APPROVAL will the aide/companion then be able to start.

We also cater to the needs of our clients by providing in-home care services from a couple hours per day to 24-hour care, seven days a week. Day / night / weekend / holidays / family respite care. Whatever your care needs, ValuCare is here for you.

What Our Customers Say

We are very grateful for the personal relationship you had with our mother, your full awareness of her living situation, and/or the special treatment you accorded her.

Jennifer Greenberg

ValuCare's team is compassionate and skilled. My mother's life has improved significantly under their care. Their multilingual staff is a great asset. Highly recommended!

Sarah Johnson

Impressed by ValuCare's professionalism and reliability for my father's care. Their flexibility and dedication are commendable. Truly trustworthy home care.

Mark Thompson